IDRT (Integrated Development of the Rural Tribal) of Nagaon District, Assam :GGSS-GUWAHATI

IDRT (Integrated Development of the Rural Tribal) of Nagaon District, Assam


1st July 2013


31st June 2016

The project was implemented in 20 rural tribal villages of Nagaon District, Assam, with the objectives of reducing illiteracy rate and school dropout rate of children, reduction of unemployment and extreme poverty through awareness creation on importance of formal education for children,improved sustainable agriculture practices and income generation activities among the rural villagers. Rural Women were encouraged to form SHGs (Self Help Groups) and undertake viable income generation activities.

Highlights of achievements:

Set up 10 non-formal education centres and the rural children benefit from the centres.
More than 200 children were supported to gain admission in formal schools.
Formed farmers clubs at village level and linked with NABARD, Banks, other agriculture friendly institutions
Formed SHGs at village level and are linked with NLM (National Livelihood Mission) Schemes, Banks and other development agencies to avail various schemes and benefits
All the SHGs are undertaking viable Income Generation Activities such as, mushroom cultivation, group farming, pickle making, running petty shops, school canteens, poultry rearing, goat rearing, pig rearing etc....
SHGs started availing schemes and benefits from various agencies for livelihood improvement
SHGs and farmers group members have started involving in local social issues

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